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Sterling Silver Omega Chains

925 Silver Omega Spring Chains

925 Silver Omega Wave Chains

925 Silver Omega Box Chains

925 Silver Reversible Omega Chains

925 Silver Omega Chains


Silver Palace Inc. is your one-stop wholesale shop for all your wholesale sterling silver omega chains needs or for all your trendy wholesale silver jewelry.

Buy Italian sterling silver chains wholesale directly from silver jewelry importers. We buy our 925 sterling silver chain directly from silver chain manufacturers from all over the world and pass on the savings to you - our online jewelers and retail jewelers who buy from us.

Choose From Our Fashionable Wholesale Omega Chains

Wholesale Sterling Silver Omega Spring Chains

Wholesale Sterling Silver Wave Omega Spring Chains

Wholesale Sterling Silver Omega Box Chains

Wholesale Sterling Silver Reversible Flat Omega Chains

Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Omega Chains Directly From Wholesale Chains Distributor

If you have a jewelry store then you will definitely enjoy the benefits of buying in bulk and directly from a silver wholesale distributor allowing you to benefit from wholesale pricing which means a significant reduction in price rather than buying from smaller wholesalers.

At Silver Palace Inc. choose from hundreds of styles and selections of our sterling silver omega chains wholesale for your retail shop or your online store. Enjoy the savings and the large selection of styles and quantity by buying directly from the importer of sterling silver omega chains at wholesale prices.

Besides having hundreds of styles on quality Italian sterling silver chains we also have high quality wholesale sterling silver CZ rings?

We are one of the largest suppliers of Wholesale Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry and have been in business for over 20 years.

Our bilingual and multilingual staff are ready to serve you and can ship same day. This is great for e-commerce store owners because they don't need to stock up.

The sterling silver chains wholesale section of our e-commerce online store offers you hundreds of styles and selections of sterling silver chains to choose from for your retail shop. You will appreciate and benefit a great deal from buying directly from the wholesale sterling silver jewelry importer.

For questions or inquiry about our sterling silver omega chains wholesale collection, please call us at 213-488-9906 or Tollfree at 1-800-686-9949 or email us at