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925 Silver - Basic (22)
925 Silver Rhodium Plated (17)
925 Silver Gold Plated (13)
925 Silver Rose Gold Plated (7)
925 Silver Black Rhodium Plated
925 Silver Multi Color Plated (5)
925 Silver Gun Metal Finish
925 Silver Platinum Plated
925 Silver Extension Chains

Buy Sterling Silver Chains Wholesale Directly From Silver Importer

Silver Palace Inc. is your go-to wholesale silver jewelry and sterling silver chains wholesale supplier. We buy our Italian silver chains directly from manufacturers in Italy and pass on the savings to our retail jewellers who buy from us.

All Silver Palace Inc. Chains are Made in and Imported From Italy!

As wholesalers of 925 sterling silver jewelry, we provide easy buying either from our online e-commerce website or through our two showrooms located in the Los Angeles jewelry district in the St. Vincent building in downtown LA.

Buy Sterling Silver Chains Wholesale Directly From Silver Importer

Select From Wide Varieties of Sterling Silver High Polished Chains

If you are an online retailer, then you will be happy to know that we stock and offer a large selection of the most popular and stylish sterling silver high polished chains at wholesale prices for bulk purchasing.

Some of our high polished silver chains wholesale are:

Select From Finest Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Chains

We specialize and cater to online jewelry businesses and understand the need for and the importance of stock availability that must be ready for same day shipping. We Stock It and You Sell It!

Some of our rhodium plated 925 sterling silver chains wholesale are:

Choose From Finest Sterling Silver Hip Hop Chains

Silver Palace Inc. is your direct source for one-stop shopping for Wholesale Hip-Hop chains and jewelry.

Some of our wholesale sterling silver HipHop chains are:

  • Light Weight hip-hop Sterling Silver Hollow Rope Chains
  • Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Diamond Cut Link Chains
  • Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Hand Made Figarope Chains
  • Sterling Silver Rhodium Gold Plated Hollow Byzantine Chains
  • Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Hollow Franco Chains
  • Wholesale Sterling Silver 925 Gold Plated 2 Toned DC Cuban Chains
  • Sterling Silver hip hop Rhodium Plated CZ Encrusted Curb Chains
  • Sterling Silver Gold Plated Round hip-hop CZ Link Chains
  • Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Round CZ hip hop Link Chains
  • Sterling Silver Gold Plated Miami Curb Link Chains

Select From Top Selling Gold Plated Chains

Chains are one of those must-have jewelry pieces that anyone can wear and look fabulous. Men and women both prefer and look great wearing sterling chains as jewelry pieces. That is why we have beautiful high quality 925 sterling silver chains wholesale bulk available in stock with volume discounts for same-day shipping ready to be shipped to your jewelry store with just a click of a button.

Some of our beautiful wholesale gold plated chains are:

Choose From Beautiful Rose Gold Plated Chains

Sterling silver chains wholesale and other wholesale sterling silver as well as wholesale stainless steel jewelry is shipped directly from Los Angeles.

Some of our beautiful rose gold plated chains are:

Choose From 925 Sterling Silver Multi-colour Plated Chains

Find the best selection of sterling silver multi-colour plated chains at bulk wholesale prices here at We are your direct source for high-quality 925 silver chains.

Some of our beautiful multi-color plated 925 sterling silver chains are:

Choose From Regular or Reversible Sterling Silver Omega Chains

Many of our jewelry buyers are amazed at the quality of our jewelry and can vouch for the workmanship. Most of our jewelry look like fine jewelry pieces and can easily pass as gold and platinum jewelry chains.

Some of our reversible and basic sterling silver omega chains are:

Buy Wholesale Italian Silver Chains Directly From Distributor

If you have a jewelry store then buying bulk wholesale silver chains directly from a 925 sterling silver chain distributor means that you will benefit from factory direct pricing with a significant reduction in price when compared to buying from a local wholesaler.

Select from hundreds of styles and selections from our sterling silver chains wholesale for your retail shop from our online store. You will appreciate and benefit a great deal from buying directly from the importer of wholesale sterling silver jewelry chains at wholesale prices.

For questions or inquiry about our 925 sterling silver chains wholesale collection or for wholesale stainless steel jewelry, please call us at 213-488-9906 or Toll-free at 1-800-686-9949 or email us at